5 Scientific Facts that Can Boost Your IB Score

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1. Distractions Kill Success

I used to listen to the Fresh Prince theme song on a loop while I studied for the IB. Some people might like to Whatsapp their friends while revising. Others prefer to sit in the lounge and listen to the TV in the background. We all like to do fun things that can make boring work a bit better. Thing is, all this stuff sucks your attention. Despite what you might have heard it is impossible to multitask. In fact, any background noise with words steals your ability to concentrate. So make sure any music is instrumental and shut everything else out!

2. Position is Primary

Mix up your studying! Working in one place all the time can be really boring. In fact it can actually drain your focus! Don’t take my word for it, Psychologist Dr. Bjork studied this exact process. He asked two groups of students to help him. Both groups were asked to study a list of 40 words. One group studied in just one room. The other moved around, and it was this group who aced the final test. Dr. Bjork explained his results in the New York Times, saying – when the outside context is varied, information is enriched, and this slows down forgetting. Nice.

SO try studying in different places (a bedroom, library or maybe a coffee shop) and give yourself a better chance of remembering content.

3. MAXIMIZE practice-testing:

Wow, there are so many ways to study! So surely it’s a case of just picking the one you like and going with that? WRONG! Not all study-methods were created equal. In fact there is one method that is significantly more effective than any other – and this is testing yourself. If you do the questions from past IB papers, even a couple a day, this is more useful than any other method. In fact, for any studying, testing yourself is always the most efficient way to learn. Don’t believe me?

4. Don’t work into the night!

We’ve all been there. Staying up in the middle of the night writing an essay seems like such a sensible idea, especially when your work is due in for tomorrow. However, staying up late doesn’t just make you tired. It also makes you…really dumb. How much does lack of sleep impair cognitive ability?

(In China some students use washing lines to keep themselves awake while they study before University Entrance Exams)

Well here’s a scary fact: getting only 6 hours sleep per night for two weeks leaves you with the same mental capacity as if you had been awake for 48 hours. And the really scary part about this is that you won’t be able to judge that your abilities have been impaired.

How long will the effects of just one night missed sleep last? Up to four days according to this 2008 study. All nighters, really aren’t worth it.

5. Stop Cramming

Lots of students think they are able to study best when they are cramming. They think that by studying for 2 hours straight they will be able to remember more information. Nothing could be further from the truth. Spacing your work out into blocks with breaks in between is the best way to remember new material.

The overall most effective method is the Tomato Method

If you are dedicated and follow these tips you are bound to be successful…

👨‍🎓 How can improve IB score quickly?

In IB program, students will choose 6 subjects from different groups. All 6 subjects, whether in SL or HL, are scored on a 7-point scale. To receive IB diploma, the student needs to finish at least 24 points out of a total of 45 points, so for each subject, score at least 4 points or you will fail if any subject scores 1. If you get stuck with your scores, improve them quickly with these tips:

  • Review knowledge: The first thing to do is to check all the learned knowledge and see if you are lacking or mistaken in any part, then supplement and correct right before embarking on the next step.
  • Schedule the right study plan: Next step is preparing an appropriate and effective study plan. After having understood the core and what you are lacking, set up topics that you need to practice and arrange the amount of time. The most effective way allocating is to spend much time in areas where you are weak and confused to rebuild the foundation. After you have mastered all of the backgrounds, then begin to practice for more intensive parts and exercises of each topic.
  • Always having preparation: IB exam will be easy or difficult depending on whether your preparation is thorough and complete or not. Compared to someone who reviews carefully and has a reasonable time with someone who always takes to “cram” every time the exam comes, who will get the higher score? Surely you know the answer very well. Therefore, always carefully review the lessons you just learned and do lots of exercises and there is the exam coming, you will not have much worry and pressure.
  • Study with friends: When studying with those who have a common purpose, you can easily express your own strengths and can improve your weaknesses much quickly. Try to combine between noting and discuss with team members to make sure what you know is not incorrect. Especially, studying with many people is way more fun than studying alone, isn’t it?
  • Seek professional help: If finding a way to improve your score is too hard, seek tutoring centers for help. The tutors will be like a companion in the field of study who you can ask to help you become better. Anyone will come across the knowledge that you don’t understand at some point, and that’s when you need to use everything you have to beat your ignorance.

In order to improve your IB score in the upcoming exams, you will need to invest a lot of time and effort in preparing for everything like mentioned above. After reading this article, apply the tips above to answer the question of how can improve IB score quickly.